Precision Coverage Map

Using Trimble Corrections Hub
Custom (NTRIP) Corrections
 Accuracy down to 1 cm Accuracy down to 10 cm Accuracy down to 50 cm

A Catalyst Precision subscription allows you to achieve accurate RTK GNSS positioning worldwide, using either your own custom-configured* internet-delivered corrections, or using the bundled services available to all Catalyst users through the Trimble Corrections Hub.

Custom local correction require an internet connection and may require a separate account with a local corrections service provider. Trimble Corrections Hub supports centimeter-level positioning in areas covered by Trimble VRS Now, and 10cm in areas covered by Trimble RTX-Fast. If you are working outside the VRS Now and RTX-Fast coverage areas supported by the Corrections Hub, the Catalyst Precision service can achieve accuracies down to 50cm.

When working offline, Trimble Corrections Hub will automatically switch from internet delivery to using RTX satellite broadcast corrections (via the DA1 antenna).

The latest coverage details for the RTX satellite broadcast service, is viewable here.