Sub-Meter Coverage Map

 Accuracy down to 30 cm Accuracy down to 50 cm

The Catalyst Sub-Meter subscription gives you everything you need to achieve accurate GNSS sub-meter positioning worldwide with a DA1 antenna.

Access to the Trimble Corrections Hub and use of Trimble corrections services is bundled with your Catalyst subscription. If available in your area, Trimble Corrections Hub will use Trimble VRS Now or Trimble RTX-Fast technology, where accuracies as low as 30cm are achievable at this subscription level. In the rest of the world, The Catalyst Sub-Meter service can achieve sub-meter accuracies down to 50cm.

When working offline, Trimble Corrections Hub will automatically switch from internet delivery to using RTX satellite broadcast corrections (via the DA1 antenna). The latest coverage details for the RTX satellite broadcast service, is viewable here.